General Information

We sell our Solmate adult socks by small, medium, large and extra large. Those sizes correspond to the following shoe sizes.
Small: Women’s 6 – 8, Men’s 5 – 7
Medium: Women’s 8 – 10, Men’s 7 – 9
Large: Women’s 10 – 12, Men’s 9 – 11
Extra Large: Women’s 12+, Men’s 11-14

The kids’ socks are also sized by small, medium and large, but those sizes correspond to the following ages.
Small: Age 3-5
Medium: Age 6-8
Large: Age 9-12

Infant socks are available in small and medium.
Small: 6-12 months
Medium: 12-24 months

If you’re right in the middle of two sizes or on a cusp between sizes and are wondering which size to order, know that the socks will shrink a little but they also stretch. So if you like your socks to fit snug, then opt for the smaller size and if you don’t like socks to fit snug then opt for the larger size.

All Solmate socks are machine washable and dryable.
All Solmate socks are 80% cotton, 19% nylon and 1% lycra.