We’re SELLING out ALL of our Solmate Sock inventory to make way for new patchwork and quilting supplies and designs.

Welcome, and thank you for visiting The Patchwork Box.™ We hope you enjoy all the colourful cotton socks as well as the exquisite detail you’ll find in the wooden marquetry patchwork boxes and cutting boards.  We’ll be introducing lots more very tempting additions over the next few months, so if you’d like to keep up to date with what’s happening at The Patchwork Box,™ you’re most welcome to subscribe to our newsletters for notification of new product launches immediately as they happen. So once again, thank you for visiting, have fun and remember the Solmate Socks motto; “Life’s too short for matching socks!”

Calm Colouring - The Patchwork Box.
Calm Colouring

Colouring in Book – Free Postage when ordered with any other product!


      New Boxes have arrived!


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